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We are a charity that engages people in exploring innovative ways to alleviate poverty, promote creative education and support health care projects in poor communities. Our focus is on finding new ways to solve old problems.

We work primarily (but not exclusively) with young people in Uganda and the UK. Providing compassion opportunities, whether at local, regional or global scales is one of our core values.


In the UK we explore opportunities to promote conflict resolution skills, resilience and emotional coaching. In Uganda we facilitate volunteers to live and work alongside local people, sharing skills, lives and values - building lasting relationships that have the power to transform communities.


Partnership and collaborative work with other community organisations and charities is one of our key strategies. See our Partners page for more on who we work with.


Queen Elizabeth Safari Camp

A great place to combine community project work with visiting the National Park 

Educational SponsorshipEducation Sponsorship

Find out how you can help an entire community of children into education


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Events are constantly changing and projects move on rapidly at Link International Innovation. Each time a new team visits Uganda, significant progress is made. Here in the UK we are working hard at developing the new charity and fundraising for the work. The Link is all about people and communities and we love to share who is involved and where they are! So to keep abreast of all these exciting things please have a look at my blog.
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